Top 5 Over Ear Headphones

Do you want to know how to choose the best over ear headphones? Headphones that stay on or over someone’s ears are now making reappearance after people lost ground on the smaller and lighter in-ear buds. While over ear headphones are bulky and less easy to put in a pocket, their good virtues outweigh these inconveniences.

OVER EAR HEADPHONESWhat one needs to look for on over ear headphones?
Long cords designs that will fit comfortably on your head and ears with little adjusting.
Balanced audio output that wouldn’t favor one range level than the others.
In-line controls and microphones, mostly those that are compatible with a number of devices rather than just iOS devices.


5- 808 Studio Headphones HPA88KG

808 Studio Headphones HPA88KGThey are relatively cheap with an incredible performance. The design is graceful and simple rather than the outwardly flashy and adjustable over-ear cups. Thus they offer comfortable and long listening sessions. Their controls include mic and an in-line one button compatible with iPhone and Android. They have tangle-free cords that are removable; one with control and another without.

4- SOL REPUBLIC 1601-30 Master Tracks Over-Ear Headphones

sol republic 1601 30 master tracks

This is the first over ear headphones by Sol Republic that retain excellent audio quality and flexibility. Every part of the headphone package can be interchanged. Thus, you can mix styles and colors. The cord includes a mic and audio control; hence you do not need to take them off to make a call. Its audio is quite balanced no matter the type of music genre you listen to. They come with an in-line three button and mic that is compatible with the iPhone.

3- Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

sennheiser over ear headphones

Even though you are not a great audiophile you are obviously familiar with the brands from Sennheiser, and the good quality reputation that follows the company’s products. Thus, it is not something new to note how amazing they sound; rounded and clear audio that brings the best in tracks that you listen to. What users like most is how they feel. The ear cups have a soft leather skin and an underneath cushion that enables one to wear them for a long time with no complains. The fusion of industrial stainless steel and leather covering on the headbands provides the headphones with a luxury sensation that comes with your listening experience. They have a detachable cord, in-line 3 button and a mic that is compatible with the iPhone. They have a loudness of 110dB.

2- JVC HAS160B Flats

jvs over-ear headphones

They are a comfortable pair with a balanced sound profile. It is not Beats quality, but very far better than you would expect at their low cost. They have a non-detachable cord and have loudness of 103dB.

1- V-Moda Crossfade M-100

v-moda-crossfade-m100-reviewHigh-end headphones are not always for those people with a good taste and better differentiation between digital and analog. A good pair of headphone will enhance audio quality no matter the type of source, either MP3 player, smartphone, or fancy amplifier, so that still an average music lover will get to notice and appreciate a clear difference.

The Crossfade M-100 is an excellent over ear pair of headphones that are worth the high price. You experience a well-round and balanced audio across the range of genres of music; bass-heavy preference and no Hip-Hop. It does all this with a very attractive design. They consist a mic, in-line one button, compatible with all types of phones, and an optional in-line 3 button and mic that are compatible with the iPhone. There is also a detachable cord with an optional sharing cable and boom mic.

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